Freelancing for the Crossover Trombonist

My current masterclass is available to all university, high school, and private low brass studios. This class focuses on practical and applicable skills of the crossover, freelance trombonist. The material covered lends well to those who are interested in expanding the genres of music they play, and finding work in their field. Discussion and demonstration will include topics of ear training and transcription. I incorporate many playing examples and offer student involvement. Please send me an inquiry for booking and course description. 

Nick Garrison had a strong command over the material presented in his masterclass. His method of having all the students play new material together by ear both helped shy and inexperienced students attempt a new musical approach and bolstered the confidence of more experienced students. ”

— Dr. Hana Beloglavec, Assistant Professor of Trombone, Louisiana State University

Nick emphasizes great music making in a variety of genres and shares valuable information about the business of freelancing. What a engaging, inspiring, and practical class that is relevant to any music student! We look forward to having him back in the near future!”

— Brian O’Donnell, Instructor of Trombone and Euphonium, Point Loma Nazarene University

The students really enjoyed Nick's class. All of them are interested in transcribing now- I think he surprised them (especially the Euphs and Tubas) as to how easy it was and how theory would help. I’ve got players working on bass lines and solos now- thanks for inspiring them! It would be great to have him back anytime. ”

— Dr. Benjamin Yates, Assistant Professor of Trombone and Low Brass, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Nick covers very specific areas of the music business and the necessity to be a chameleon today. ”

— Matthew Wright, Instructor of Trombone, Loyola University New Orleans

Nick Garrison is an extremely talented musician and trombonist who can perform in historic jazz styles with ease. His career as a freelancer is possible because of his ability to emulate the style of prominent trombonists from the past and present. My students were excited and inspired by Nick's outstanding presentation. ”

— Dr. David Johansen, Professor of Low Brass, Southeastern Louisiana University